Award Eligibility Post for 2022


The year is drawing to its close, and it’s that time when writers make posts about their award eligibilities for the year. I had four stories published in 2022, and my first poetry publication as well. I would be honored if you took a look at any of them.


Eligible Stories

“An Address to the Newest Disciples of the Lost Words” in Lightspeed Magazine, January 2022 (3357 words). 

A story about a magical language that can say all things. About the power and limits of words. And it’s also almost all I want to say about writing. Stefan Rudnicki gives a marvelous narration (his voice is an exact match for my character’s!) on the accompanying podcast, so give that a listen if you can.


“Before We Drown” in The Future Fire, January 2022 (flash fiction, ~1000 words).

A little flash piece about memory and the light between storms. 

“Once on a Midsummer’s Night” In GigaNotoSaurus, February 2022 (~7500 words).

An epic fairy tale fantasy about a dead garden that comes to life once in a lifetime. A story about love, power, revenge, and redemption.

“The Bones Beneath” in Podcastle Magazine, June 2022 (5659 words).

A story about two little girls, about friendship and magic and friendship betrayed. About a society that descends into frenzied paranoia amid authoritarianism, and the terrible things that happen. And about the bones that refuse to lie quiet. This is perhaps the darkest thing I’ve written yet, and yes, it’s inspired by real-world events and history—far too many real-life inspirations. You can read and/or listen to the beautiful narration by Tatiana Grey.  


Eligible Poem

“Blood, Roses, Song” in Haven Speculative, July 2022

A dark fantasy narrative poem that mashes up various fairy tales—Rapunzel, Jack-and-the-Beanstalk, and more. I very rarely write poetry, but I spent a long time wrestling with this idea as a story, and it was only as a poem that it worked. It’s my first poem publication ever, so I’m rather proud of it.


Thank you to everyone who reads or has read any of my work this year!



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