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New story! "Microseasons of the Dead" now out at The Future Fire

 I have a new story out today! "Microseasons of the Dead" is live at The Future Fire Magazine, on this last day of October. It's a slightly experimental, dreamy piece inspired by the microseasons of the traditional Japanese calendar, and I'm so glad it's found a good home. 

Short fiction recs! July--Sept 2023

Some short fiction that I read and loved, from July through September.    “The Sand Knows Its Way Home” by L. Chan at Reckoning Magazine He would have told them that the village of his youth was a small and perfect thing, but what is a small and perfect thing compared to the growing appetite of a nascent mega-city? That appetite was all it took for them to murder a village. This is not the story that the groups come here to listen to, not when they have the sparkling sea before them and the shining city behind.   Cheng Boon once lived in a fishing village on Semakau Island. But Singapore’s government took his village’s land to create a landfill, relocating all the village’s inhabitants to the mainland. Now Cheng Boon gives tours of his former home to students and other curious visitors. One day one of the tourists catches his eye, and Cheng Boon realizes that he has something in common with another man who has lost his home. . . A delicately lovely piece about displacement and