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Podcast Interview! Talking about the science of "Traces of Us" with Full Worlds.

Last week I sat down for my first podcast interview. And now it’s live! You can click here , in order to hear me on Hampus Jakobsson’s podcast, Full Worlds.  Hampus and I discuss the science behind the “mind-uploading” scenario in my science fiction story, “Traces of Us”  (first published in GigaNotoSaurus in 2018, and soon to be reprinted in Best Science Fiction of the Year-Volume 4, edited by Neil Clarke). I had a lot of fun discussing the science and ethical implications of this story! And as a bonus for listening--if you click on the link to the podcast, you’ll also see a link to a Gumroad discount for my fantasy novelette, The Lilies of Dawn (a very different type of story. And thanks to my publisher Annorlunda Books for providing the promotional discount!) P.S. The sound of my own voice makes me cringe, so I haven’t been able to listen to this recording yet. But hopefully the rest of you won’t have that problem!