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Short fiction recs: February and March 2018

It finally feels like spring as I write this, a seemingly endless winter finally behind us and the world moving forward (if late!) into a new season. It’s fitting, then, that so many of the stories in this roundup speak of movement and change, of seasons on both cosmic and personal scales. Here are tales of darkness and tales of warmth and light, of horror and of healing. If it’s still cold where you are, curl up with these stories and a blanket and cup of hot tea. If it’s warm, read them anyway. May they offer you a moment of stillness in this changing season and world. Short Stories “ Cosmic Spring” by Ken Liu at Lightspeed The universe is in deep winter. This is my conclusion after studying the matter for 6.7 trillion years. The universe is in winter: the time near the end, as everything winds down toward maximal entropy. During this winter, one last sentience travels through space, harvesting the energy of dying stars. As it travels, it tries to assemble fr