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November Fiction Recs and More

Like many writers I know, I have been struggling with fiction writing this past week. I fear that my stories are self-indulgent drivel. Worse, I fear that stories in general are useless—or rather, that the only stories that have an effect in this world are broad propaganda which foment rage, divide us, and blind us. I say this even as I acknowledge that I’ve turned to literature for comfort. I’ve been reading poetry. I see beauty in art. But. . . but I wonder how much it matters. My reading picks this month were all chosen before the U.S. presidential election. They are beautiful stories and essays. Some of them are very dark. Some are hopeful. Some ring not only with defiance, but with ferocious burn-the-world-down rage that resonates uncomfortably with me at this moment, when I think that the politics of nihilism have brought my country to this point. I’m sharing these stories, though. Even if I can’t write myself, I can boost other voices. I don’t know what good a

Discount promo for The Lilies of Dawn and other writing news

Okay, popping in here briefly for some writing news/self-promo time. (It's been a hard few days. I know. I've been struggling to write. . . I know many people now struggling to write. But here goes). --My publisher is running a discount promo on my fantasy novelette, The Lilies of Dawn. Today and tomorrow only (11/13 thru 11/14), the ebook version is available for $0.99. If you click directly on the sales links (Amazon, Kobo, etc), you'll see the discounted price. --I have a sea fairy-tale, "All the Souls Like Candle Flames," coming out in Luna Station Quarterly on December 1. It's a story about  a Sea-Witch, a white gull, and a little brown fish.  --I have a dark fantasy story, "Of Milk and Blood," coming out in Unsung Stories on December 9.  It's a story about demons and fear. I am still trying to write. Sometimes it feels useless. Often it feels useless. But let's