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Short Fiction Recs!

I keep meaning to blog about the stories I like, and while I put it off the list grows ever longer. So before the list gets away from me entirely, here’s a round-up of some recent things I’ve read . . . From Various Magazines Jeanette Ng, Three hundred Years   in Mythic Delirium, Winter 2016 issue.  One of the things that I really admire about Mythic Delirium magazine has been the way that monthly selections are built around certain themes, story and poems echoing one another. The March 2016 offerings were gifts from the sea. “Three Hundred Years” by new writer Jeannette Ng is an aching, yearning take on The Little Mermaid tale which I’ve never seen before. And sea-poems by Alexandra Seidel and Jennifer Crow complement this story, and each other, beautifully. Rati Mehrotra The Family Ghost in The Sockdolager.  The Pillar of Shiva in Triptych Tales  I read “The Pillar of Shiva” a year ago when it first came out, but I wanted to pair these stories toge