Nearly 2 am, sleep is a ready sacrifice

Woot, just finished the last lines of my first draft of a 13,555 word novelette.

Longer than I ever meant it to be. Probably unpublishable.

Sleep is a willing sacrifice.


  1. Woo hoo! Publishable or not, that is an awesome accomplishment.

    However, it is absolutely *not* unpublishable, if you're willing to try something new with me... :)

    (I am 100% serious about that, because I've liked every story of yours I've ever read! But also completely understand if you want to rework it to something you can send somewhere more mainstream... email me if you want to see the terms I finally settled on, though.)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Cloud! Well, right now the novelette is still a big mess--it needs a lot of revision, I think. But those revisions are going to have to wait a few weeks, because I have some medical writing deadlines upcoming. I will definitely keep you in mind, though, when I think the piece is ready. Thank you so much!


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