What I want

As I left my girls in the bathtub tonight, the older one, "bean-girl," was telling the younger, "Legume," a story. Something about mermaids and jelly doughnuts.

I passed by the bathroom a few times as I put away laundry and took care of small tasks. I heard Legume enthuse, "That's a really good story!"

I heard bean-girl say modestly, "No, it really isn't. It's just a mix of things."

The next time I passed by the bathroom, I heard a squawk and ruckus. "Mom!" bean-girl cried. "Legume is being crazy! She pinched my ear!"

I sighed. "Why did you pinch, Legume? That's not nice."

"Because she won't tell me the rest of the story!" Legume pouted.

After their bath, Legume chased bean-girl around the house, demanding to hear the rest of the story. "I can't tell the rest because I don't know what happens next!" bean-girl said, giggling and running as Legume threatened to pinch her again.

And I thought, That's what I want. I want to be able to tell stories so compelling, so wicked awesome, that people want to chase me around and pinch my ears to hear the rest.


  1. I bet George RR Martin would disagree... ;)

  2. From what I understand, there are fans that want to do worse to Martin than pinch his ears. Especially after the way he ended the last book! =)

  3. We've been wondering at work if we can somehow get him sent to jail - tax evasion, maybe? - so he has nothing else to do but write!

  4. Did you hear that he bought and renovated a movie house in Santa Fe, and his new things is running a movie theatre?

    Instead of writing. Because he obviously shouldn't be allowed to have any outside interests =)


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