Hello, world

Well. The weather has been playing with us; it's been in the 80s this week, and the kids think it's summer as they play out in the yard, begging to stay out until the sun goes down. But it's nearly mid-September, and they're finishing their second week of school. New friends, new classes, and lots of new experiences both in and out of the classroom.

Changes for me, too.

And with those changes a new blog as well. September, someone recently said in the part of the blogosphere I visit, is a great time for re-sets.

For those who have followed me from my old blog. . . thank you. There will be a shift of focus in this new blog. Since I'm not a research scientist anymore I won't, obviously, be blogging about the world of hands-on research science. I'm trying to make a go of it as a freelance biomedical writer and editor, but I probably won't talk (too) much about that here. (I may eventually launch a separate website for more science-y posts).

This will be my place to talk a bit more about fiction writing and reading. I hope to post book reviews. I'll rant about pop-culture obsessions. I'll rant about whatever abstract issue I feel like, I suppose. You see, it's all a jumble.

And speaking of personal pop-culture obsessions. . .The anime series Attack on Titan has been ruining my life. Go see it. Even if you hate anime, go see it. I thought I hated anime, too--all the conventions of the genre, the big-eyed characters, the high, breathless Minnie Mouse voices of the females. Then I saw this series. As I raved on Facebook, it's like "Game of Thrones" on crystal meth. The Daily Dot has a great beginner's guide to the series.

Then again, maybe you don't want to start this series. Because I am still traumatized over episode 22. Because this series rips out your heart and drags it along the ground and then stomps it to a bloody, pulpy smear. Because George R. R. Martin and the creator of Attack on Titan would probably be best friends and I can't decide which one I hate more.


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