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The award-eligibility post or publication round-up for 2016

Well, here it is, I guess. My round-up of publications I’ve had out in 2016. I don’t know how many are “award-eligible” in any category (none of these are pro-sales), but it’s nice to have a place to sum them all up.

In Dew and Frost and Flame (3301 words) at Metaphorosis Magazine, June 2016.

A story about love and magical inks. Story notes here.

The Wave (6306 words) at The Future Fire, June 2016.

Cyberpunk on a surf board. Set in the same timeline as my other hard sci-fi story, Disconnected

Story notes here  Also selected as a “Recommended Read” by The Semiotic Standard. Review here

All the Souls Like Candle Flames (6816 words) at Luna Station Quarterly, December 2016.

A mythic tale about a Sea Witch, a white gull, and a little brown fish. This is one particularly close to my heart: like Moon Story, it started off as a fairy tale to entertain my daughers, and was born from the tedium of airline travel. The plot accreted slowly; it's one of my stories born in imagery, and it grew a…

New story out! A tale of a Sea Witch, a seagull, and a little brown fish

So. . . for anyone still checking out this blog:

I had a new story come out yesterday! All the Souls Like Candle Flames is free to read online at the lovely magazine, Luna Station Quarterly. I am looking forward to settling down with the whole issue and a cup of tea this weekend!

"All the Souls Like Candle Flames" is a fairy tale of loss, sacrifice, and hope. It's a story about a Sea Witch, a seagull, and a little brown fish. It is one of my favorite pieces ever. I hope you take a look at it. (and I'll post more notes on this story soon!)