New story! "A Vial of Electric Blue" is now out at Fusion Fragment Magazine

I have a new story out today! “A Vial of Electric Blue” appears in Issue #5 of Fusion Fragment Magazine, a lovely new journal that publishes science fiction and science fiction-tinged stories, often with a surreal bent. My story is most definitely on the strange and surreal side. It’s about isolation and imprisonment, the rage of women and girls, and strange lakes of electric-blue fire. The accompanying illustration is by KiTT St. Joans, and they’ve done a stunning job; I’m in love with their art. You can see more of ST. Joans’ art here.  And by following the link on my story title above, you can download the entire issue to read (for free, or pay what you like).


Fusion Fragment is unusual among new SFF journals in that it offers print copies of their magazine as well as digital! I got my contributor’s copy last week, and it’s the first time I’ve ever held a print journal with my work in it! And I’ve already read and loved some of the stories in this issue, which explore intimate human dramas set against otherworldly backdrops. Thank you to the team at Fusion Fragment for accepting my work, and putting this lovely issue together.   


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