My story, "Wild Ones," reprinted in Bracken: An Anthology From the First Five Issues

Bracken Magazine is one of my favorite magazines. The editors there select absolutely beautiful, lyrical fiction, poetry, and artwork, all “inspired by the wood and what lies in its shadows.” This is work that often breathes in the liminal space between “literary” and “speculative,” work that slips between genres. I’m absolutely thrilled that my short story, “Wild Ones,” (first published in Bracken in 2018) now appears in Bracken: An Anthology of the First Five Issues. This is a paperback collection of selected art, poetry, and fiction that embodies the Bracken aesthetic. My short story appears alongside gorgeous work from Gwendolyn Kiste, K.T. Bryski, Emily Stoddard, and more. The lovely cover art is from Jana Heidersdorf. If you can’t buy the collection, I hope you still check out the magazine! (issues are free to read online).


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