Some promo bits: story in NewMyths "Best of" anthology and more

So, some promo news!

My latest story, "The House of Illusionists," was featured in Maria Haskins' review column on the Barnes and Noble Science Fiction and Fantasy blog! This story means so much to me. And it's a huge honor to be featured alongside such amazing writers. Check out the whole list and all the other featured stories if you can! 

And in other news… the science fiction and fantasy journal NewMyths has launched a Kickstarter to fund publication of a “Best of” anthology covering its past ten years. And my fairy tale story, “Snow’s Daughter,” has been picked for the anthology! "Snow's Daughter" was the first genre publication I ever had, and also the first paid fiction publication I ever had. Editor Scott Barnes' acceptance, and his encouraging words, meant so much to me as a beginning writer. I'm thrilled to have "Snow's Daughter" appear in this anthology. It will appear alongside work by by such wonderful writers as Beth Cato, Christina Sng, and more. Check out the Kickstarter website for a peek at the cover, a lovely promo video, and more.


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