Story updates! "The House of Illusionists" and "The Berry Girl"

I have a new story out in the world! "The House of Illusionists"  appears in the latest issue of Liminal Stories, a magazine I dearly love. It’s a story about art, war, illusions, and truth. This story is dear to me; it’s one of those where I really felt that I was “leveling up” as I wrote it. And it couldn’t have found a better home: thank you to the editors at Liminal Stories who loved it, too, and brought it into conversation with other stories for a beautiful, strange, surreal issue. Special thanks to Kelly Sandoval who helped me polish the final draft (and who has always been so kind and encouraging toward my work!) and to AJ Gabriel for the beautiful illustration.

I hope to write up some more thoughtful notes about the meaning and process of this story soon.

And in other news. . . I’ve posted some more stories over at Curious Fictions, a website which lets readers directly pay authors for their stories. Among the new stories I’ve added is one which isn't available anywhere else online. “The Berry Girl” was first published in 2014 in the late, lamented Lakeside Circus. The website for that old magazine was taken down years ago. But in celebration of the last weeks of summer, I wanted to make my story available again. You can visit my author page at Curious Fictions to see it: a bittersweet story of summer berries, memories, and fleeting seasons.


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