December publications!

I am happy to announce two new stories out this month.

"Moon Story" was published in October in the fall issue of Mythic Delirium. It is now available for free reading online as the featured December story. It is a fairy tale about questing, about growing up and letting go, and yes, it takes place on the Moon. A magical Moon of  "snow and ice, of frozen lakes and deep blue shadows." Also bats and rats. The featured poetry of this month, "Star Fishing" by Shveta Thakrar and "Jupiter Dis(mis)ed" by J.C. Runolfson beautifully round out the celestial theme. Read the entire fall issue--it's all great stuff!

My second story this month is "Knife and Sea," a little flash piece in the winter issue of Mirror Dance. This is also a fairy tale, but decidedly darker than "Moon Story." The winter issue of Mirror Dance is always devoted to flash fiction, poetry, and pieces that straddle the definitions of poetry and prose. Darkness and strangeness are threaded through this year's offerings. Again, take a look at the whole issue!

And in other writing news. . . (Sigh). I have stories in queues at various publications, waiting for editors' final decisions. But, of course, I have no control over when those decisions will come or what they will be. I have control only over the writing itself.


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